Sports Simulator

Select from among different background environments, on-screen players (goalies, goalkeepers, batters, receivers, etc.) On-screen players also come with a wide range of personalities, styles, strengths and weaknesses. Their movements and characterisitics have been flawlessly captured and simulated. Included n RealHockey™ are NHL and Hockey Hall of Fame licensed content. Special Effects: 3D surround sounds of the fans and stadium, JumboTron scoreboard antics, and background effects like mesh movement, glass breaking, umpires approaching the mound, etc. are dependant on each sport and make each RealSport come to life. Modes and Levels: Different game modes are available: Arcade, Tournament, Optimized Throughput. All modes have skill level selection, including boosts for the most inexperienced players. This allows everyone to enjoy the experience. Database: Our database allows you to monitor game performance with a leaderboard. Optional automatic Top Ten lists are available for each RealSport.

Space req: 25′L x 16′W x 13′H
Power required: 2 x 110V/15AMP
Age suitability: All Ages
Set-up / strike time: 3 hours