Black Pearl

Yarrgh, Ahoy Matey! Welcome aboard, you lily livered landlubbers, to the most famous inflatable pirate ship to sail the seven seas. Be ready for your voyage as we pillage for treasures of gold, silver and pieces of eight. Mind the Captain as he is cross and will keel haul you, or worse, make you walk the plank to Davy Jones’ locker, as shark bait. Remember, dead men tell no tales. So swab the deck as you slide, climb the masts, and traverse the deck for your daily rations. ♪ Yo-ho-ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me! ♪ Yarrgh. Bounce on this large inflatable Black Pearl pirate ship with an inflatable slide and a bouncy area to bounce on.

Space req: 39′L x 16′W x 22′H
Power required: 2 x 110V/15AMP
Age suitability: Up to 12 years
Set-up / strike time: 30 mins