Euro Bungee

This is PartyWorks’ flagship adrenaline pumping attraction. One of the most popular attractions at the PNE Fair every year. This interactive game will draw in a big crowd to your event and is always busy. The Euro Bungee is all it’s cracked up to be! Bungee sporting takes a whole new direction with this brand new system … Straight Up! Your guests are fitted at the waist with bungee cords which are used to suspend from above, enabling to flip, spin and jump to amazing altitudes! This ultimate bungee station handles four jumpers at one time.

Space req: 40′L x 40′W x 25′H
Power required: 1 x 110V/15AMP & 1 x 220V/35AMP
Age suitability: 6 years and up
Set-up / strike time: 3 hours