Monthly Archives: February 2018

Put your memory to the test with the Playback challenge! After the lights illuminate in a certain order, play that sequence back with the buttons on the table top. Pitch two players against each other to see who has the better memory!

With over 10,000 songs from a wide range of genres, enjoy singing along to your favourite songs with our newest karaoke machine! Simply use the touchscreen to select the songs you like, and follow along with the lyrics displayed over the song’s musi  More...

February 17, 2018

Throw the bean bags at the target, and if you hit it the balloon will pop over the head of the person behind the game!

February 17, 2018

Enjoy the excitement of the track with this head to head racing game. Bounce the balls off the starting pad and aim for the target speeds – 120MPH, 160MPH, and 200MPH. Advance your car by landing balls in the target and keep track of the race on the  More...

Think our other bungee runs are too easy? Here’s a bungee run that is much more challenging! Complete with obstacles to dodge and climb over, go head to head against another person and see who is able to make it further down the run!

Enjoy playing Pac-Man with others with this new take on a classic game! One player controls Pac-Man, and three other players control the ghosts in the game.

Test out your accuracy with our inflatable archery target! Comes with two bows, soft arrows, and 9 suspending balls as targets.

February 12, 2018

Play a game of bingo with up to 8 players! Each player gets their own board to play along with.

Grab as many balls as you can without getting hit! Whoever ends up with the most number of balls wins.

With one of the largest bounces that we have, up to 10 children can enjoy bouncing around in this massive inflatable! Space req: 24′ x 29′ x 15′ (L x W x H) Power required: 4 x 110V/15AMP Age suitability: 6 years and up Set-up / strike t  More...

February 12, 2018

Bring some colour to your next casino event with our LED “Casino” letters. Each letter stands 3 feet high, and each letter’s colour can be set to be either matching one another, or individually unique.

February 12, 2018

Navigate your way through the narrow tunnel in this inflatable to make it to the other side!

Think you you’re quick? Prove it with our Live Drive RC Racing! Using a camera mounted on each RC car, two players steer their cars using a remote and control and by seeing a live feed from the camera on their RC car through a pair of HD goggles. Th  More...

February 10, 2018

With three different sports to try out, this midway sports inflatable has a variety of games to play!