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What Is A Dry Grad?

A Dry Grad is an event which provides students with a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment to celebrate their graduation. It is a fully supervised fun event, sponsored by the PAC, where the grads can celebrate their graduation with their friends in a safe environment. Dry Grads take place after the prom. Typically the students are transported directly from their prom dinner and dance to the Dry grad venue. The Dry grad party typically offers an exciting and entertaining variety of activities as well as music, food and lots of photo opportunities. Many schools also have prizes to give out as well. The concept of Dry Grads started in the 1980s to address the issues of drinking and driving at graduation parties. Schools started to work with parents to organize safe grads. In the early years, alcohol was permitted at these safe grad parties. These parties eventually evolved to a “Dry Grad” concept that is celebrated today. The goal of a Dry Grad is to keep the students entertained, busy and having a wonderful time with their friends. A successful Dry Grad is one where students have a wonderful celebration and a fun, entertaining and memorable night with their friends without alcohol.
Where Are Dry Grads Held At?
A lot of Dry Grads are held at the High School. This is because of budget reason, or because of the large space the school can provide to make into a fun environment. Other Dry Grad facilities include local YMCA or recreational centre, cruise ship, hotel ballrooms, entertainment centres, and local ice/curling rink.
What Is The Length Of A Dry Grad?
Dry Grads are typically 6 hours long. 4 hours of entertainment and 2 hours of a show or group activity and then prizes are handed out.
How To Start Planning A Dry Grad?
Dry Grad Planning starts with a committee. Forming a strong committee of volunteers willing to take on tasks and start planning this event starting in September/October. Fundraising is a key factor that will let you know what kind of budget you have to play with. Dry Grads can cost from $10,000 to over $30,000. Once figuring about how much money can be raised, the committee should decide on a Venue, Theme and Entertainment. Putting Deposits on each of those by early November can make sure none of the bigger issues may arise. Lastly is creating Dry Grad tickets and selling them as well as dealing with catering and decorations.
What Can Vancouver PartyWorks Do To Help With My Dry Grad
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